2017 Camp Repair Listing

After the 2017 camps, here is a list of projects that our caretaker would like to undertake should the funding be available.


The Camp is in need of significant funding for building projects — mostly roofs.  There are a number of capital expense projects that our new caretakers are helping us to tackle (pending funding availability).   Here are the roofing projects in current priority order:


  1. The roof on the “3 Musketeers Cabin” needs replaced now.  The good news is that the shingles to do it are available, still good, and this project should be done this summer, or early fall.  Estimated cost: $300 for sheeting and supplies.
  2. As reported after July, the dining hall roof is still leaking.  However, the caretaker has reported that his plan is to remove the electric from the porch area, cut up through the existing sheeting and roofing between the rafters, and push the old roof off.   A plan for a temporary (few years) titanium roofing to put installed is planned.  This will then be replaced when the whole roof is converted to steel (in a number of years out).  Estimated cost: $390-$520.
  3. The pump house roof needs to made into a frame roof.  Some digging and excavation needs done to try and keep water away from the door – and a door step seal will be put in place. Estimated cost: $350
  4. The water main lines are beginning to burst underground all over the place.  They are old, but more so the mainline is rated for 100 PSI, however the newer pumps are putting out 150 PSI and it is just leaking the old line.  While digging will be the main challenge, the materials will run around $220 for all new lines, shutoffs, blow-back fill, and fittings.
  5. The Tabernacle building roof needs done soon – now if we could.  However, there’s currently no firm estimate on a cost for materials, but Lem’s swag is saying $5,500.00.   The walls will be fixed using existing materials and labor.
  6. BJ, the caretaker, would like to replace the deteriorating PVC lines within the buildings using a PEX material.  This is estimated at about $150/building; but will save the freezing and draining issues that had been common.
  7. And finally, the dining hall roof will need replaced – the trustees and caretaker would like to put metal roofing down over the entire building.  This should serve us for another 50 years.  Estimated cost: $10,000.00.

If you can help with any part of these above, or would want to “adopt” a project – please specify that and let us know.  Funds or labor on these would be greatly appreciated.

Use the PayPal “Donate Online” button; or mail physical checks to the camp’s PO Box J, Worthington, PA mailing address if you are burdened to help us with any of these needs.

Also – PLEASE call the camp number to offer your assistance and labor for any of these projects!!