2016 August Conference Posted

The messages from the August conference on revival are now available on the site. http://www.maranathayouthranch.com/sermons/2016-august-conference/

Survived the Flood, but Need a Roof

August 2016 UPDATE There was a very good year at camp this year – and not just because our family missed it!!!  We were on a once-in-a-lifetime trip across most of the U.S. by car and camping trailer so we missed all of both camps except for the day of the Trustee meeting during August…. Read More

2016 July Conference is Posted

http://www.maranathayouthranch.com/sermons/2016-july-conference/ The messages from the July conference on revival are now available on the site.  

August 2015 – Conference Messages Posted!!

You can see them here.  The messages from the Maranatha Youth Ranch, 2015 August Conference on Revival are now available on this website.   The link is: www.maranathayouthranch.com/sermons/2015-august-conference/

2015 July Sermons are Posted

Check them out – the messages from the July conference on revival are now available on the site.  (except one, we’re trying to track down this technical difficulty).   You can quickly access the week’s messages here:  http://www.maranathayouthranch.com/sermons/2015-july-conference/  

2014 August Sermons Posted

The messages from the 2014 August conference on revival are now available.

2014 July Sermons Posted

The sermons from July camp, 2014 are now available.

UPDATE on the Repairs


*Thankful for all the work done last week, for all the workers and donations of supplies, time, and prayers! **Accomplished: Kitchen floor is in, kitchen ceiling repaired, new wires run for refrigerator units coming, kitchen painted, new end on porch area, and screening almost done. ***Please Consider: We are having OPEN WORK DAYS every Saturday…. Read More

Maranatha Flood 2013

Maranatha flood 1

On Wed., Aug 28th, Maranatha suffered a terrible flood. The water level reached almost 7 feet standing outside the Tabernacle! Please pray for the camp and all of those who are working to clean-up and rebuild. Consider what the Lord might put on your heart for a donation to the camp. Click the yellow donation… Read More

Information Requested

If you have a favorite picture, history of the camp, an interesting bit of information about Maranatha or helpful suggestions, please email me so we can include it in the Maranatha prayer newsletter that I am working on.