Survived the Flood, but Need a Roof

August 2016 UPDATE

There was a very good year at camp this year – and not just because our family missed it!!!  We were on a once-in-a-lifetime trip across most of the U.S. by car and camping trailer so we missed all of both camps except for the day of the Trustee meeting during August.

Good weeks of camp — LOTS of young people.

Good weeks of camp — attentive ears and good messages.

Good weeks of camp — lots of enjoyed fellowship and visiting and friendship.

Good weeks of camp — the ministry was financially sustained through the summer.  Although young people don’t have resources financially, a couple of things came together and put the camps on the “plus side” of costs.  And a few additional items may factor in to winter financial sustainability.


HOWEVER — monthly support for the winter would be greatly appreciated.  The camps essentially broke even, and usually there is a little extra to help with winter maintenance expenses.  More so, any “extra” given during the winter will be put towards the needed roofing – and the Trustees need your help in maintaining these buildings.

SO, the request still stands for around $9,000.00 to put a roof on the dining hall.  To volunteer labor-wise: please visit the Facebook page and let Shawna know.  We cannot rally the troops until we have the materials to do the job though.


Finally, thanks again for your prayerful support and donations.  As some of you who give have realized, there has been a transition  at the Treasurer level on the Board and it has taken us a while to get all of the pieces in line; but as of now we think that we have it all set.  Those giving online through PayPal – the money was needed and is very appreciated: it just took a while to navigate all of the steps needed for a new person.   To those giving through PO Box J; the process was a bit more seamless! :)




As most of you probably know, the camp survived the flood and was rebuilt with vigor thanks to many helping hands of those who love the camp.

A celebration year of “Jubilee” was held this year.  It was great to see everyone who was able to make the trip for this year.  The trustees are looking forward to seeing all of you next year.  We would love to have the “problem” of being out of space at every conference!!  There will be camp, Lord willing/not returning by then; and it will be on the regular weeks as always.  Watch for next year’s Grace Gazette with the formal details.  I’ll also look to post them on the website here and work with those on Facebook to see that the details get posted there as well.


There is a need at the camp.  It was mentioned in a letter or the Grace Gazette from Dr. Lescelius earlier this year.  And that need is a ROOF ON THE CHUCK-WAGON.  We have received a very good price for 50 year metal roofing to be installed on the Kitchen building; but only 10% of the needed $10,000 has come in from the request for support.  Do you love camp Maranatha, and can you help toward this project?  If so, use the paypal link on this site, or send your love gift to the PO Box J in Worthington.


Once the roof is installed, we will need lots of helping hands to accomplish other chores around the camp.  Reach out to the caretakers, on Facebook, or to any of the trustees if you would like to help, or take charge of, various projects this fall and next spring.