About Maranatha

Maranatha Youth Ranch was established by Dr. Robert Lescelius and 3 other men in 1965 to provide a youth camp for the young people of their churches and a Bible conference that would emphasize reformation and revival.  Robert Lescelius has served as director since 1975 and is the lone, living survivor of the original four founders.

Each year since 1966 we have had two conferences emphasizing reformation and revival. We have been greatly privileged to have had men here who were in true Holy Spirit revival, such as:

  • James A. Stewart, who saw revival in eastern Europe before and after World War II;
  • C. L. Culpepper, the Shantung Revival in China;
  • Duncan Campbell, the Hebridian Revival;
  • Peter Connolly, revival in Scottland and Northern Ireland; and
  • J. Edwin Orr, who experienced revival movements in a number of places in the world and was the leading historian of revivals in our time.

We have always sought to have men of God come who know the ways of God in spiritual renewal, and have a burden for reformation and revival in our churches, such as:

  • Leonard Ravenhill,
  • Frank Boydstun,
  • Erroll Hulse,
  • Bob Doom,
  • David Dickerson, and
  • Many others.

Board of Trustees