Conference Times & Costs

  • Both conferences begin on Monday evening, giving guests time to arrive and settle in.  There will be evening sessions Monday through Friday at 7:00, preceded by creek-side prayer at 6:30.   Morning prayer is at 7a, followed by breakfast and then preaching/lecture/educational sessions at ~ 10:00 and 11:00 Tuesday through Friday.  Our trustees or other Friends-of-Maranatha will be ministering at 10:00, and Dr. Lescelius will be speaking at the 11:00 hour.
  • Cost for the week is $5.00 registration fee per person; with love gifts accepted nightly during the service.
  • Expenses, during the conferences as well as year round, are paid only through the generous grace giving of God’s people.
  • Maranatha has facilities for families and individuals as well as places for tents and campers. For information call (724) 297-5581.
  • Pray earnestly for this summer’s ministry of the Word and for the ongoing of this work. We are utterly dependent upon the blessing of the Spirit of God on everything we seek to accomplish for Christ.


To Register Online: Please visit the Facebook Page.


Maranatha Conference for Revival (July)

131 Mak Square

Worthington, PA  16262

Week of July 4, yearly
Speaker:  2023 — Dr. William Finnigan (former pastor, teacher at Youngstown Rescue Mission)
Moderator: Dr. David Morris


Maranatha Conference for Revival (August)

131 Mak Square

Worthington, PA 16262

First full week of August, yearly
Speaker: 2023 — Ray Beardon.
Moderator: Dr. David Morris or Dr. Robert Lescelius